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Ajay Bio-tech (india) Limited

Biofix Sticker 85 Super-Spreader

Rs. 110.00 

Biofix Grorich-Plus (Botanical Extracts)

Rs. 180.00 

Ajay Biotech Libra Biostimulant

Rs. 180.00 

Biofix Humi-Guard Plus Biostimulant

Rs. 900.00 

Biofix Mitlar Plus Bio-Insecticide

Rs. 340.00 

Biofix Mitlar E Bio-Insecticide

Rs. 550.00 

Ajay Biotech Kito Star Bio Fungicide

Rs. 300.00 

Ajay Biotech Potash SF Bio Fertilizer

Rs. 600.00 

Biofix Verti-Guard Bio Insecticide

Rs. 900.00 

Biofix Sphurda SF Bio-Fertilizer

Rs. 660.00 

Biofix Pseudo-Guard Bio-Insecticide

Rs. 600.00 

Biofix Micro Kombi-L Liquid Micronutrients

Rs. 300.00 

Biofix Grorich - G Botanical Extracts

Rs. 750.00 

Biofix Biosan Bio-Fungicide

Rs. 360.00 

Biofix Biolexin 95 Bio-Fungicide

Rs. 500.00 

Biofix Bio-Guard Bio-Fungicide

Rs. 530.00 

Ajay Bio-Tech (India) Limited, a pioneer in the organic farming industry since 1990, is now proudly offering its premium range of products on the KisanShop platform. With a vision to promote sustainable agriculture and healthier communities, Ajay Bio-Tech's trusted BIOFIX brand is now more accessible to millions of farmers across India. Their product range includes solutions for agriculture, public health, personal hygiene, veterinary & fishery, and medical devices. Partnering with KisanShop has further strengthened Ajay Bio-Tech's mission to reduce chemical inputs in farming, maximize yields, and contribute towards a more sustainable and healthier future.