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Ankur Seeds

local_offer Save Rs. 9.00

Ankur Ketaki Lobia (Cow Pea) Seeds

Rs. 70.00  Rs. 79.00

Ankur 2338 Okra (Bhindi) Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 142.00

Ankur 2338 Okra (Bhindi) Seeds

Rs. 300.00  Rs. 442.00

Ankur Karishma Bitter Gourd Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 25.00

Ankur Karishma Bitter Gourd Seeds

Rs. 130.00  Rs. 155.00

local_offer Save Rs. 6.00

Ankur Hari Lobia Seeds

Rs. 64.00  Rs. 70.00

local_offer Save Rs. 170.00

Ankur ARCH-2239 Chilli Seeds

Rs. 375.00  Rs. 545.00

local_offer Save Rs. 195.00

Ankur Kajol Hybrid Chilli Seeds

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 595.00

local_offer Save Rs. 260.00

Ankur Shree Arth 2792 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 490.00  Rs. 750.00

local_offer Save Rs. 20.00

Ankur 3689 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 690.00  Rs. 710.00

local_offer Save Rs. 215.00

Ankur Sarangi Hybrid Chilli Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 550.00  Rs. 765.00

local_offer Save Rs. 180.00

Ankur Ranveer (ARTH-3054) Tomato Seeds

Rs. 330.00  Rs. 510.00

Ankur Seeds was founded in 1976 by three visionary agriculturists: Shri. Ravi Kashikar, Shri. Madhav Shembhekar, and Shri. Laxman Aurangabadkar, and is a seed company based in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. Ankur Seeds observes itself as not just an organisation but virtually a movement. They are correct in their assessment, as they have developed over 200 varieties across 16 crops, making them one of India's fastest growing seed companies.