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local_offer Save Rs. 1,670.00

Bayer Velum Prime Nematicide

Rs. 880.00  Rs. 2,550.00

local_offer Save Rs. 300.00

Bayer Council Activ Rice Herbicide

Rs. 650.00  Rs. 950.00

local_offer Save Rs. 100.00

Bayer Jump Insecticide

Rs. 250.00  Rs. 350.00

Bayer Alanto Insecticide

Rs. 405.00 

Bayer-Admire-(Imidacloprid 70% WG)-Insecticide
local_offer Save Rs. 50.00

Bayer Admire (Imidacloprid 70% WG) Insecticide

Rs. 280.00  Rs. 330.00

local_offer Save Rs. 15.00

Bayer Nativo Fungicide

Rs. 145.00  Rs. 160.00

local_offer Save Rs. 30.00

Bayer Antracol Fungicide

Rs. 90.00  Rs. 120.00

local_offer Save Rs. 145.00

Bayer Roundup Glyphosate 41% Herbicide

Rs. 650.00  Rs. 795.00

local_offer Save Rs. 165.00

Bayer Oberon Insecticide/Acaricide

Rs. 645.00  Rs. 810.00

Bayer Solomon Insecticide
local_offer Save Rs. 60.00

Bayer Solomon Insecticide

Rs. 340.00  Rs. 400.00

local_offer Save Rs. 5.00

Bayer Ambition Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 170.00  Rs. 175.00

Bayer Fenos Quick Insecticide
local_offer Save Rs. 150.00

Bayer Fenos Quick Insecticide

Rs. 375.00  Rs. 525.00

local_offer Save Rs. 10.00

Bayer Evergol Seed Treatment Fungicide

Rs. 370.00  Rs. 380.00

Bayer Vayego Insecticide
local_offer Save Rs. 150.00

Bayer Vayego Insecticide

Rs. 600.00  Rs. 750.00

local_offer Save Rs. 50.00

Bayer Sencor Herbicide

Rs. 350.00  Rs. 400.00

local_offer Save Rs. 20.00

Bayer Whip Super Herbicide

Rs. 260.00  Rs. 280.00

Bayer AG is a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences corporation headquartered in Germany that operates in over 83 countries. Bayer is among the most trusted brands in the farming community. Bayer is a pioneer in the research and manufacturing of systemic pyrethroids. Bayer has a wide-ranging portfolio built on both agrochemicals and seed segments. Bayer offers the latest molecules in the agrochemicals segment that can fight diseases and pests that have developed resistance through the overuse of existing molecules.