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Advanta Royal Red Beetroot Seeds

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Gennext Beetroot Red Express-505 Seeds
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Gennext Beetroot Red Express-505 Seeds

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JK Charlie Red Hybrid Beetroot Seeds

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Sakata Merlin Beetroot Seeds

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Pahuja Dynasty Beetroot Seeds
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Pahuja Dynasty Beetroot Seeds

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Beetroot is a member of the Amaranthaceae family. Both the plant's leaves and its large, spherical root are edible and widely used. Beetroot is becoming more popular, which might be because it can be eaten raw, roasted, pickled, or cooked, and is also easy to grow.

Season: July – August


Beetroot is a crop that grows best in cold weather, but it can also be grown in warmer areas. However, it has the best colour, texture, and quality when it is grown in cold weather.

The temperature range of 18-21°C is suitable for producing top grade root.

Soil Requirement: well-drained, loose, loamy to sandy soils. soil pH : 5.8 to 7.0

Seed rate: 6 kg /hectare

Spacing: 30 x30 x10 cm

Main field preparation: By ploughing and harrowing the soil to a fine tilth, it is well-prepared. Put the seeds in the field with enough space between them.

Irrigation: According to soil moisture.