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Papaya Seeds


VNR Ameena F1 Hybrid Papaya (पपीता ) Seeds

Rs. 400.00 

local_offer Save Rs. 289.00

Iris Papaya Seeds

Rs. 160.00  Rs. 449.00

Iris RC-315 Papaya Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 550.00

Iris RC-315 Papaya Seeds

Rs. 2,450.00  Rs. 3,000.00

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VNR Vinayak F1 Hybrid Papaya Seeds

Rs. 375.00  Rs. 408.00

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Indus Red Sun (Dwarf) Papaya Seeds

Rs. 240.00  Rs. 256.00

Iris RC-217 Papaya Seeds
watch_later Sold Out

Iris RC-217 Papaya Seeds

Rs. 2,850.00  Rs. 3,500.00

Start a tropical gardening journey with KisanShop's Papaya Seeds collection. These seeds, chosen for their superior quality and high yield, are ideal for both farmers and garden enthusiasts looking to grow this nutritious and tasty fruit. Papayas, rich in vitamins and minerals, make a healthy addition to any garden. Our seeds ensure easy cultivation, promising a bountiful harvest of sweet papayas. Whether you're experienced or new to gardening, these papaya seeds offer a rewarding growing experience. Plant them in your garden or farm and enjoy the delights of fresh, home-grown papayas.

Grow Your Own Tropical Delight

Grow your own tropical delight with Papaya, a fruit celebrated for its sweet flavor and numerous health benefits. Adding papaya to your garden or farm not only provides you with a delicious fruit but also enhances the space with its tropical appeal. Our Papaya Seeds at KisanShop are carefully selected to ensure the best growth and fruit production:

  • High-Quality Varieties: We offer a selection of papaya seed varieties, each known for its excellent taste and texture.
  • Robust Growth: Our seeds are chosen for their strong growth characteristics, ensuring healthy plants and abundant fruiting.
  • Adaptable to Various Climates: Designed to thrive in a range of environmental conditions, making them suitable for different farming and gardening zones.

Planting these Papaya Seeds from KisanShop lets you enjoy the experience of growing your own sweet and healthful fruits right in your backyard or farm.

Benefits of Growing Papaya:

Growing Papaya offers numerous benefits, making it a rewarding addition to your garden or farm:

  • Nutritional Value: Papayas are a powerhouse of health, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes. They are particularly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other antioxidants, supporting overall health and wellness.

  • Versatility in Use: Papayas are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. You can enjoy them fresh, slice them into fruit salads, blend into refreshing smoothies, or use them as a natural sweetener in a variety of dishes. Their unique taste and texture make them a favorite in many culinary creations.

  • Ornamental Appeal: Beyond their fruit, papaya plants themselves add a beautiful tropical aesthetic to gardens and farms. Their tall structure and large, palm-like leaves create an exotic and lush atmosphere, enhancing the visual appeal of any growing space.