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Pumpkin Seeds

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A pumpkin is a winter squash cultivar that is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin and is often deep yellow to orange in colour. The seeds and pulp are contained in the thick shell. Season: June or January to April


  • Long days, dry weather and plenty of sunlight are required for this crop.
  • The optimum temperature for germination: 23-25°C.
  • Temperature for growth and fruit development: 20-32°C.
  • Cool nights and warm days are ideal for the accumulation of sugars in the fruits.


  • Well-drained loamy soil is better for cucurbits cultivation. Soil should be moderately fertile and rich in organic matter.
  • Optimum soil pH:6.0-7.0.

Land preparation:

  • Before bed preparation, previous crop debris, weeds, and stones should be removed. The field should be ploughed 5-6 times to break clods and well pulverized to hold water.
  • 2-3 leaf stage seedlings should be transplanted in the main field in end February.

Seed rate: 1 kg/ha
Spacing: 2-3 m row to row and 60-90 cm plant to plant

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