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Tomato Seeds

local_offer Save Rs. 250.00

Syngenta Saaho (TO 3251) Tomato Seeds

Rs. 1,000.00  Rs. 1,250.00

local_offer Save Rs. 74.00

VNR 3171 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 630.00  Rs. 704.00

local_offer Save Rs. 112.00

VNR 3357 Tomato F1 Hybrid Seeds

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 512.00

local_offer Save Rs. 78.00

VNR 3348 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 370.00  Rs. 448.00

local_offer Save Rs. 170.00

Sakata Red Rock (1035) Tomato Seeds

Rs. 410.00  Rs. 580.00

Namdhari NS 592 Tomato Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 70.00

Namdhari NS 592 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 470.00  Rs. 540.00

local_offer Save Rs. 330.00

Unisem USM Kareena F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds - 10g

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 730.00

Nongwoo Prabhav( 1322) F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 200.00

Nongwoo Prabhav( 1322) F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 600.00

local_offer Save Rs. 160.00

BASF Nunhems Aahan Tomato Seeds

Rs. 630.00  Rs. 790.00

Golden Hills Black Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds

Golden Hills Black Indigo Rose Tomato Seeds

Rs. 120.00 


Golden Hills PKM 1 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 120.00 

local_offer Save Rs. 134.00

VNR Julie Tomato Seeds

Rs. 410.00  Rs. 544.00


Golden Hills Red Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Rs. 120.00 


Golden Hills Roma VF Red Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Rs. 120.00 

Namdhari NS 526 Tomato Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 110.00

Namdhari NS 526 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 450.00  Rs. 560.00

local_offer Save Rs. 158.00

BASF Nunhems Lakshmi Tomato Seeds

Rs. 600.00  Rs. 758.00

Buy Tomato Seeds in India

The tomato is a very popular vegetable, and it is cultivated on a large scale in India. The tomato not only increase the taste of vegetables but is also very beneficial for health. The tomato is considered a great food because of its many beneficial qualities. Tomato farming is very easy.The first step in growing tomatoes is establishing nurseries, which begins with the planting of seeds. The seedlings may be transplanted into the fields after roughly a month in the nursery.

Wide selection of quality tomato seeds:

KisanShop is the best place to buy quality tomato seeds. We have a wide variety of tomato seeds to choose from.

Tips on how to grow Tomatoes:

  • Weather: As per regional operation
  • Seed rate: 50-60 grams per acre
  • Soil: Well-drained sandy, loamy soil with organic matter (pH.6.5-7.5) is suitable for the crop.
  • Sowing Distance: 80 cms from row to row. And plant to plant 60 cm.

Land preparation for Tomato:

  • After ploughing the field well 2-3 times, make the soil fine-brown.
  • Add rotted cow dung at the rate of 8-10 tonnes per acre and then mix it well in the soil.
  • To prevent gall disease, mix Calfomil (5-10 ml/L) in soil 2-3 days before nursery planting.
  • 25-30 days old seedlings are removed from the nursery and transplanted by dipping them in Calfomil (5-10 ml/L) solution for 15 minutes.

Irrigation for Tomato:

Irrigation should be done at an interval of 10 to 12 days keeping in mind the moisture content of the field.

Note - It is necessary to give the amount of zinc sulphate separately to the crop (do not use in combination with other fertilisers)

Tomato Weed Management:

  • Spray Pendimethalin (500-600g/acre) while preparing the field.
  • After planting remove remaining weeds by hand after 25-30 days. 

Note- It's better to tie the tomato plants with a stick before it start to produce fruit. This will help to improve the quality of the tomatoes as well as their production.

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