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Unisem Usm-Akash Chilli Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 100.00

Unisem Usm-Akash Chilli Seeds

Rs. 350.00  Rs. 450.00

local_offer Save Rs. 60.00

Unisem USM Prayag Bitter Gourd Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 100.00  Rs. 160.00

Kapila Tomato Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 200.00

Unisem Kapila Tomato Seeds

Rs. 350.00  Rs. 550.00

Unisem Ajay Sponge Gourd Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 40.00

Unisem USM-Ajay+ F1 Hybrid Sponge Gourd Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 60.00  Rs. 100.00

Unisem Kajol Watermelon Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 250.00

Unisem Kajol F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 320.00  Rs. 570.00

Unisem USM Kareena Tomato Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 330.00

Unisem USM Kareena F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds - 10g

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 730.00

local_offer Save Rs. 150.00

Unisem Kavya Tomato Seeds

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 550.00

Unisem USM-Jenifer Beetroot Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 620.00

Unisem USM-Jenifer Beetroot Seeds

Rs. 1,200.00  Rs. 1,820.00

Unisem USM Prince Cabbage Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 140.00

Unisem USM-Prince F1 Hybrid Cabbage Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 200.00  Rs. 340.00

watch_later Sold Out

Unisem USM-Gagan F1 Hybrid Chilli Seeds

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 540.00

Unisem Saraswati Chili Seeds
watch_later Sold Out

Unisem USM-Saraswati F1 Hybrid Chilli Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 400.00 

Unisem Ganga Chilli Seeds
watch_later Sold Out

Unisem Ganga F1 Hybrid Chilli Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 500.00  Rs. 1,050.00

Unisem Agritech was founded in 2009 with the mission of delivering highly adaptable, higher yielding, and higher quality seeds using modern seed technology. Unisem offers a wide range of high-quality hybrid seeds in vegetable and flower seed segments. With a strong R & D setup led by prominent horticultural scientists, Unisem products are among the best in the market and are highly adaptive among farmers.

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