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US Agriseeds

local_offer Save Rs. 36.00

US Agriseeds SW-813 Bitter Gourd Seeds

Rs. 150.00  Rs. 186.00

local_offer Save Rs. 55.00

US Agriseeds SW-811 Bitter Gourd Seeds

Rs. 130.00  Rs. 185.00

local_offer Save Rs. 5.00

Us Agriseeds SW-906 Bottle Gourd Seeds

Rs. 60.00  Rs. 65.00

local_offer Save Rs. 13.00

US Agriseeds SW 2211 Sponge Gourd Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 50.00  Rs. 63.00

local_offer Save Rs. 85.00

US Agriseeds SW-1504 Tomato Seeds

Rs. 500.00  Rs. 585.00

local_offer Save Rs. 18.00

US Agriseeds SW 408 F1 Hybrid Chilli Seeds - 10g

Rs. 500.00  Rs. 518.00

local_offer Save Rs. 220.00

US Agriseeds SW 008 Okra Seeds - 100 gms

Rs. 450.00  Rs. 670.00

Us Agriseed SW-909 Bottle Gourd

Rs. 83.00 

local_offer Save Rs. 24.00

US Agriseeds SW 826 Bitter Gourd Seeds

Rs. 150.00  Rs. 174.00

US Agriseeds SW 224 Cucumber Seeds

Rs. 170.00 

Us Agriseeds SW 1001 Pumpkin Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 20.00

US Agriseeds SW 1001 Pumpkin Seeds

Rs. 100.00  Rs. 120.00

local_offer Save Rs. 105.00

US Agriseeds SW 2208 Watermelon Seeds - 10 gm

Rs. 360.00  Rs. 465.00

Us Agriseeds SW 017 Okra Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 320.00

US Agriseeds SW 017 Okra Seeds

Rs. 560.00  Rs. 880.00

US Agriseeds SW-602 Radish Seeds
local_offer Save Rs. 10.00

US Agriseeds SW-602 Radish Seeds

Rs. 140.00  Rs. 150.00

SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd. (SWIPL) is a seed company established in 1998 and is engaged in research, production, and marketing of hybrid Rice, Cotton, Millet, Mustard and Vegetable seeds. SWIPL products bear the trademark "US Agri Seeds®". SWIPL has their products tested across 691 different agro-climatic zones. SWIPL is emerging as one of the most trusted brands among vegetable farmers.