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Amruth Organic Fertilizers

Amruth Flower Tone Plant Growth Promoters

अमरुत फ्लावर टोन प्लांट ग्रोथ प्रमोटर्स

Rs. 230.00 

Amruth Flower Grow Plant Growth Promoters

अमरुत ​​फ्लावर ग्रो प्लांट ग्रोथ प्रमोटर्स

Rs. 185.00 

अमृत ​​अल्जाइम प्लांट ग्रोथ प्रमोटर्स

Rs. 152.00 

Amruth Agri Nematode Agri Nematode Bio Fungicide

अमरुत ​​एग्री नेमाटोड एग्री नेमाटोड जैव कवकनाशी

Rs. 218.00 

Amruth Alderm Trichoderma SP Bio Fungicide

अमरुत ​​​​एल्डर्म ट्राइकोडर्मा एसपी बायो कवकनाशी

Rs. 218.00 

Amruth Aditya Potato Grow Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​आदित्य आलू उगाने वाला जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 2,375.00 

Amruth Ginger Grow Organic Fertilizer

Amruth Ginger Grow Organic Fertilizer

Rs. 2,375.00 

Amruth Altra-9 Organic Fertilizers

अमरुत ​​अल्ट्रा-9 जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 170.00 

Amruth Almite Paecilomyces SP Bio Pesticide

अमरुत ​​अल्माइट पेसिलोमाइसेस एसपी बायो कीटनाशक

Rs. 218.00 

अमरुत ​​अल्मिड मेटारिज़ियम एसपी जैव कीटनाशक

Rs. 218.00 

Amruth Almonas Pseudomonas SP Bio Fungicide

अमरुत ​​अल्मोनास स्यूडोमोनास एसपी जैव कवकनाशी

Rs. 218.00 

Amruth Apoorva Neem Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​अपूर्व नीम जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 2,400.00 

Amruth Active Shine Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एक्टिव शाइन जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 2,350.00 

Amruth Astral Premium Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एस्ट्रल प्रीमियम जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 2,400.00 

Amruth Micro Active Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत माइक्रो एक्टिव जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 250.00 

Amruth Astor Organic Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एस्टोर जैविक उर्वरक

Rs. 195.00 

Maximize Yields with AMRUTH Organic Fertilizers

KisanShop is excited to bring you AMRUTH Organic Fertilizers. This brand is all about good, natural farming. They make products that help your crops grow the way nature intended, without harmful chemicals. AMRUTH stands for top-quality and care for the environment. So if you want the best for your fields and care about keeping things natural, pick AMRUTH. It's simple, it's organic, and it's one of the best choices you can make for your farm.

Why Choose AMRUTH on KisanShop?

  • Lots to Choose From: AMRUTH has a big range of natural farming products. Whether you need Bio-Fertilizers, Organic Manures, or stuff made from Neem, they have it all.
  • Top Quality: People love AMRUTH because they're really good at what they do. They've even won awards for it! Their care for nature, good farming, and making top-notch products is well-known.
  • Easy Shopping: With KisanShop, you don't have to stress. Just look through AMRUTH's products, pick what you like, and we'll bring it to your home or farm.
  • Good for Your Pocket: Everyone likes saving money. On KisanShop, you can buy AMRUTH's great products without spending too much.

Grow Bigger and Better with AMRUTH

When you plant seeds, you want them to grow well. AMRUTH helps with that, and they do it the natural way. No bad chemicals, just good stuff from nature. They have what plants need to grow big and stay healthy. Plus, using AMRUTH is good for our planet too. So, with them, you get great crops and do something good for the Earth.

Step into the Organic World with Confidence!

KisanShop is more than just a shopping platform. Think of us as a big family that loves nature and believes in farming the right way. We're all about organic farming and doing things that are good for the Earth. That's why we're proud to have AMRUTH Organic Fertilizers as part of our family.

When you pick AMRUTH, you're choosing a way of farming that's kind to nature. Their products are all about giving back to the soil and helping plants grow strong, the natural way.

So, come and look around. Dive into the world of organic with AMRUTH on KisanShop. Together, we can plant the seeds today for a greener and healthier tomorrow."ow!