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Bio Fertilizers

Dhanuka Mycore Bio Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 592.00

धानुका माइकोर जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 200.00  Rs. 792.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 90.00

Tata Rallis Ralligold Bio Fertilizer

Rs. 630.00  Rs. 720.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 90.00

हाईफील्ड हुमी प्रो 15 जैविक जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 170.00  Rs. 260.00

Swal Tekon GR Bio Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 250.00

स्वाल टेकोन जीआर जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 500.00  Rs. 750.00

Ajay Biotech Potash SF Bio (Fertilizer)

अजय बायोटेक पोटाश एसएफ बायो फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 600.00 

Ajay Biotech Ajay Azo SF Bio Fertilizer

अजय बायोटेक अजय एज़ो एसएफ जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 660.00 

Jaipur-Bio-Fertilizers - Zinco-700
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 399.00

जयपुर जैव उर्वरक - जिंको 700

Rs. 1,600.00  Rs. 1,999.00

Amruth Allied Rhizobium SP Bio Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एलाइड राइजोबियम एसपी जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 208.00 

Jaipur-Bio-Fertilizers - Calci-King
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 399.00

जयपुर जैव उर्वरक - कैल्सी किंग

Rs. 1,600.00  Rs. 1,999.00

Jaipur-Bio-Fertilizers - Boro-Power
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 399.00

जयपुर जैव उर्वरक - बोरो पावर

Rs. 1,600.00  Rs. 1,999.00

Jaipur-Bio-Fertilizers - Fruitamin
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 399.00

जयपुर जैव उर्वरक - फ्रूटामिन

Rs. 1,600.00  Rs. 1,999.00

Hifield-Amipro-Plant-Growth-Organic-Bio-Fertilizer Hifield-Amipro-Plant-Growth-Organic-Bio-Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 20.00

Hifield Amipro 30 Plant Growth Organic Bio Fertilizer

Rs. 200.00  Rs. 220.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 925.00

एसएमजी बायो-मैक्सएक्सर बायो फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 550.00  Rs. 1,475.00

Amruth Azin Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria Bio Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एज़िन जिंक घुलनशील बैक्टीरिया जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 208.00 

Amruth Azotofix Azotobacter SP Bio Fertilizer

अमरुत ​​एज़ोटोफिक्स एज़ोटोबैक्टर एसपी जैव उर्वरक

Rs. 208.00 

Explore our special collection of Bio Fertilizers at KisanShop, where we bring you a range of natural fertilizers that enrich the soil and nurture healthy plants. This collection is ideal for farmers and gardening enthusiasts who are looking for a nature-friendly approach to cultivation.

The Power of Nature for Your Crops

Bio fertilizers, made from natural sources like plants, bacteria, and animal waste, help to provide essential nutrients to the soil. This not only improves the health of your plants but also ensures a sustainable and fruitful harvest.

Our Selection of Bio Fertilizers:

  • Microbial Inoculants: These are fertilizers containing beneficial microbes that enhance soil fertility and plant growth.
  • Organic Composts: Natural composts that improve the soil's structure, making it rich in nutrients.
  • Plant-Based Fertilizers: Extracts from plants that naturally boost the growth of your crops.

Why Choose Bio Fertilizers from KisanShop?

  • Environment-Friendly: Our bio fertilizers help in reducing chemical use, making your farming practices more eco-friendly.
  • Improves Soil Health: Regular use of these fertilizers enhances soil fertility and its ability to hold water and nutrients.
  • Better Plant Growth: They provide all the necessary nutrients that lead to healthier and stronger plants.

KisanShop’s Commitment to Sustainable Farming

At KisanShop, we are dedicated to promoting farming practices that are good for the environment. Our bio fertilizers are chosen with care to not only improve your crop yield but also to contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Natural Growth for a Better Harvest

Whether you are tending to a large farm or a small kitchen garden, our Bio Fertilizers Collection offers natural and effective solutions for your cultivation needs. Turn to KisanShop for bio fertilizers that truly make a difference in your farming journey.