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Chayan Chemicals & Fertilizer

Chayan Nutri Plus NPK 191919 Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 60.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस एनपीके 19:19:19 उर्वरक

Rs. 250.00  Rs. 310.00

 Chayan Nano  N:P: K 19:19:19 Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 120.00

Chayan Nano N:P: K 19:19:19 Fertilizer

Rs. 250.00  Rs. 370.00

Chayan Nano Zinc Power Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 215.00

Chayan Nano Zinc Power Fertilizer - Zinc Oxide 39.5% SC

Rs. 260.00  Rs. 475.00

Chayan Nano  NP K 134013 Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 41.00

Chayan Nano N:P: K 13:40:13 Fertilizer

Rs. 299.00  Rs. 340.00

Chayan Nutri Plus Nutree Fe Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 40.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस न्यूट्री फे फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 130.00  Rs. 170.00

Chayan Nutri Plus Nutree-Mix Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 4.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस न्यूट्री-मिक्स फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 546.00  Rs. 550.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 417.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस कैल्शियम नाइट्रेट उर्वरक

Rs. 1,443.00  Rs. 1,860.00

Chayan Nutri Plus Fertilizer - Zinc-33%
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 29.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस उर्वरक - जिंक-33%

Rs. 221.00  Rs. 250.00

Chayan Nutri Plus Boron Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 180.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस बोरोन उर्वरक

Rs. 180.00  Rs. 360.00

Chayan Nutri Plus Ferrous Sulphat Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 80.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस फेरस सल्फेट उर्वरक

Rs. 300.00  Rs. 380.00

Chayan Activer Fertilizers
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 180.00

चयन एक्टिवर फर्टिलाइजर्स

Rs. 130.00  Rs. 310.00

Chayan Attack Plus Organic Insecticide
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 410.00

चयन अटैक प्लस जैविक कीटनाशक

Rs. 440.00  Rs. 850.00

Chayan Mahashakti Orgenic Manure
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 860.00

चयन महाशक्ति जैविक खाद

Rs. 890.00  Rs. 1,750.00

Chayan Nano Nutri N:P: K Magnesium Sulphate 9.5% Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 175.00

चयन नैनो न्यूट्री एन:पी:के मैग्नीशियम सल्फेट उर्वरक

Rs. 195.00  Rs. 370.00

Chayan Nutri Plus NPK 130045 Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 80.00

चयन न्यूट्री प्लस एनपीके 13:00:45 उर्वरक

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 480.00

Chayan NPK 126100 Fertilizer
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 25.00

चयन एनपीके 12:61:00 उर्वरक

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 425.00

KisanShop proudly features a comprehensive range of products from Chayan Chemicals & Fertilizer, a name synonymous with quality in agricultural fertilizers, industrial chemicals, bio fertilizers, plant growth promoters, zinc oxide, animal feed supplements, and plant nutrients. Each product is crafted to enhance agricultural and industrial practices, meeting high standards of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Diverse Range of Chayan Chemicals & Fertilizer Products

  • Agricultural Fertilizers: A variety of fertilizers are available, each tailored to improve soil health and crop yield.
  • Industrial Chemicals: These chemicals cater to diverse industrial needs, known for their purity and effectiveness.
  • Bio Fertilizers: Supporting sustainable farming, these bio fertilizers improve soil fertility and plant health.
  • Plant Growth Promoters: Specially formulated to boost plant growth, resulting in healthier crops.
  • Zinc Oxide: An essential component for agricultural and industrial applications, known for its quality and effectiveness.
  • Animal Feed Supplements: These supplements enhance livestock health and productivity, enriched with vital nutrients.
  • Plant Nutrients: Essential nutrients support the overall health and growth of plants.

Quality and Satisfaction: A Priority

  • Chayan Chemicals & Fertilizer, available on KisanShop, is dedicated to exceeding expectations with products that are both high in quality and effective. The brand is committed to ethical business practices and transparency in all transactions.

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