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FMC Corporation

FMC Coragen Insecticide
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 3.00

एफएमसी कोराजन कीटनाशक

Rs. 210.00  Rs. 213.00

FMC Affinity Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF Herbicide
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 32.00

एफएमसी एफिनिटी कारफेंट्राज़ोन एथिल 40% DF खरपतवार नाशी

Rs. 270.00  Rs. 302.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 20.00

एफएमसी अल्ग्रिप हर्बिसाइड - मेटसल्फ्यूरॉन मिथाइल 20% डब्ल्यूजी

Rs. 580.00  Rs. 600.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 100.00

एफएमसी पिक्सेल जैव-उत्तेजक

Rs. 1,000.00  Rs. 1,100.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 64.00

एफएमसी लीजेंड जैव-उत्तेजक

Rs. 650.00  Rs. 714.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 850.00

एफएमसी जिनात्रा 700 प्लांट ग्रोथ प्रमोटर्स

Rs. 1,550.00  Rs. 2,400.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 65.00

एफएमसी टैल्स्टार कीटनाशक - बिफेन्थ्रिन 10% ईसी

Rs. 800.00  Rs. 865.00


FMC कॉर्प्रिमा क्लोरेंट्रानिलिप्रोएल 35% w/w WDG कीटनाशक

Rs. 1,150.00 

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 1,450.00

एफएमसी अज़ाका डुओ कवकनाशी

Rs. 3,500.00  Rs. 4,950.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 37.00

एफएमसी फुरास्टार प्लांट ग्रोथ रेगुलेटर

Rs. 800.00  Rs. 837.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 5.00

एफएमसी गुप्त कवकनाशी - कार्बेन्डाजिम 12% + मैनकोजेब 63% WP

Rs. 390.00  Rs. 395.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 1,200.00

एफएमसी केमदूत कीटनाशक - इमामेक्टिन बेंजोएट 5% एसजी

Rs. 1,500.00  Rs. 2,700.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 55.00

एफएमसी सिड्रा कवकनाशी - टेबुकोनाज़ोल 10% w/w + सल्फर 65% w/w WG

Rs. 520.00  Rs. 575.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 17.00

FMC फरटेरा क्लोरेंट्रानिलिप्रोएल 0.4% GR कीटनाशक

Rs. 950.00  Rs. 967.00

FMC Marshal Carbosulfan 25% EC Insecticide
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 734.00

एफएमसी मार्शल कार्बोसल्फान 25% ईसी कीटनाशक

Rs. 850.00  Rs. 1,584.00

FMC Agricultural Sciences: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

At KisanShop, we are proud to present our exclusive collection of FMC products, a global leader in agricultural sciences known for advancing farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. FMC's commitment to delivering new solutions to growers worldwide resonates with our mission to support the agricultural community with the best resources available.

Leading the Way with Advanced Solutions

FMC stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation with an industry-leading discovery pipeline that emphasizes sustainable growth and productivity. Their range of products, from unique application systems to modern biological products, is designed to meet the diverse needs of today's farmers and agronomists.

Explore Our FMC Product Range

Our carefully curated selection of FMC products includes:

  • Innovative Crop Protection Technologies: Protect your crops with advanced formulations that ensure optimal growth and yield.
  • Unique Application Systems: Experience precision with FMC's state-of-the-art application technologies, designed for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Modern Biological Products: Embrace the power of nature with FMC's range of biologicals, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

Why Choose FMC Products from KisanShop?

  • Sustainability and Efficiency: FMC's commitment to sustainable agriculture aligns with our vision of offering products that not only boost productivity but also protect the environment.
  • Innovative Solutions: With FMC's continuous focus on R&D, we bring you the latest and most effective solutions for crop protection.
  • Trusted Quality: Every FMC product in our collection is backed by rigorous testing and research, ensuring you receive only the best for your agricultural needs.
  • Nationwide Support: KisanShop ensures that these advanced solutions are accessible to farmers across India, with expert guidance and support just a call away.

Embrace the future of farming with FMC's innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. Explore our collection today and discover how you can enhance your agricultural practices with solutions designed for modern challenges.

Join us in our journey towards a more productive and sustainable agricultural future with FMC. Shop now and take the first step towards transforming your farming practices for the better.