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Magenta Seeds

Magenta Shukh Sagar Onion Seeds
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 522.00

मजेंटा शुख सागर प्याज के बीज

Rs. 350.00  Rs. 872.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 39.00

मैजेंटा बरिस्ता खीरे के बीज

Rs. 580.00  Rs. 619.00

Magenta Zaara-076 Watermelon Seeds
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 660.00

मैजेंटा ज़ारा-076 तरबूज के बीज

Rs. 790.00  Rs. 1,450.00

Magenta Mahabir Watermelon Seeds
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 870.00

मैजेंटा महाबीर तरबूज के बीज

Rs. 1,400.00  Rs. 2,270.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 890.00

मैजेंटा विक्टर प्लस तरबूज के बीज

Rs. 1,380.00  Rs. 2,270.00

Magenta Puspa F1 Bitter Gourd Seeds
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 390.00

मैजेंटा पुस्पा F1 करेले के बीज

Rs. 530.00  Rs. 920.00

Welcome to Magenta Seeds at KisanShop!

Are you looking to sow the seeds of success? You've come to the right place. Magenta Seeds, one of the most trusted names in hybrid vegetable seeds, is now available at your fingertips through KisanShop.

Why Choose Magenta Seeds?

Since 2010, Magenta Seeds has been providing farmers and garden enthusiasts with the highest quality seeds. Specializing in a range of hybrid vegetable seeds, including tomatoes, watermelons, muskmelons, and various gourds, we're committed to helping you reap bountiful and healthy harvests.

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Whether you're a commercial farmer or a backyard gardening aficionado, our carefully selected range offers something for every green thumb. Browse through our extensive catalog and find the perfect seeds to suit your soil, climate, and goals.

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With the convenience of KisanShop, getting Magenta Seeds' top-notch products is now easier than ever. Click, select, and order – that's all it takes. Enjoy secure payments, prompt delivery, and the assurance of quality that comes with the Magenta Seeds name.

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Embark on a fruitful journey with Magenta Seeds at KisanShop. From sowing to harvesting, we're here to support your agricultural aspirations. Let's cultivate success together.