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Tropical Agro

Tropical Agro Tag Ride Acetamiprid
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 35.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग राइड एसिटामिप्रिड 20% एसपी कीटनाशक

Rs. 165.00  Rs. 200.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 31.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैगक्सोन कीटनाशक - थियामेथोक्साम 25% डब्ल्यूजी

Rs. 230.00  Rs. 261.00

Tropical-Agro -Tag-Bio-Biostimulant
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 5.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग बायो बायोस्टिमुलेंट

Rs. 300.00  Rs. 305.00

Tropical Agro Nasa Organic Growth Manure
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 30.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो नासा ऑर्गेनिक ग्रोथ खाद

Rs. 320.00  Rs. 350.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 50.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग टॉपर उर्वरक

Rs. 450.00  Rs. 500.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 10.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैगमाइसिन जीवाणुनाशक

Rs. 220.00  Rs. 230.00


ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो ह्यूमैसिड जैविक खाद

Rs. 280.00 

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 10.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो फैंटम गोल्ड +_ ऑर्गेनिक ग्रोथ प्रमोटर्स

Rs. 410.00  Rs. 420.00


ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो कृषि नैनो एनपीके उर्वरक

Rs. 330.00 

Tropical Agro Tag Azad Fungicide
local_offer सहेजें Rs. 50.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग आजाद कवकनाशी - टेबुकोनाज़ोल 10% + सल्फर 65% डब्लूजी

Rs. 480.00  Rs. 530.00

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 5.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग मिक्स हर्बिसाइड

Rs. 180.00  Rs. 185.00


ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैगक्विट हर्बिसाइड - पैराक्वाट डाइक्लोराइड 24% एसएल

Rs. 286.00 

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 150.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग पॉली हर्बल रोग संरक्षण

Rs. 750.00  Rs. 900.00


ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग बायोनिक बायो फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 690.00 

local_offer सहेजें Rs. 55.00

ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग सिल फर्टिलाइजर

Rs. 750.00  Rs. 805.00


ट्रॉपिकल एग्रो टैग टीम कवकनाशी

Rs. 278.00 

Explore Tropical Agro Products on KisanShop

Discover a wide selection of agricultural solutions from Tropical Agro available on KisanShop. Tropical Agro is renowned for its diverse range of products that cater to the needs of modern agriculture, spanning chemical, biological, and organic farming. As one of the leading Indian brands in the crop protection and plant nutrition segment, Tropical Agro is dedicated to addressing the global challenges of food security, safety, and soil health preservation.

Offering Advanced Agricultural Solutions

The product lineup from Tropical Agro on KisanShop includes:

  • Biological Pesticides: For managing pests effectively while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Fungicides: Designed to protect crops from fungal diseases, ensuring healthy growth.
  • Bio-Organic Fertilizers: Providing plants with essential nutrients in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Bio-Stimulants: Natural formulations aimed at enhancing plant resilience, vigor, and yield.
  • Organic Nutrients: Essential for the balanced growth of crops, delivered through sustainable means.

Meeting Global Agricultural Needs

The range of Tropical Agro products available through distributors on KisanShop reflects a commitment to sustainable farming practices. These products are developed to enhance crop yield and quality, supporting the global imperative for food security and environmental stewardship.

Why Shop Tropical Agro Products on KisanShop?

  • Comprehensive Selection: A broad array of Tropical Agro products to meet various agricultural needs.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Products that support sustainable farming practices, contributing to a healthier planet.
  • High Standards of Quality: Each product is selected for its effectiveness and safety, aligning with the highest industry standards.
  • Accessible Solutions: Through KisanShop, these advanced agricultural solutions are made easily available to farmers across India.