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Bharat Certis Kiyoshi Herbicide

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सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित चेकआउट की गारंटी

Product Description:

  • Brand: Bharat Certis
  • Variety: Kiyoshi
  • Item Weight: 1.4 Ltr
  • Technical Name: Mesotrione 2.27% + Atrazine 22.7% SC
  • Mobility in Plant: Domestic
  • Dosage: 400-500 ml/acre


Kiyoshi Herbicide offers multiple benefits for effective weed control in agriculture:

  • Ease of Application: India's first premix herbicide for maize and sugarcane, eliminating the need for mixing chemicals.
  • Dual Mode of Action: Combines new chemistry for faster results on target weeds.
  • Crop Safety: Inbuilt adjuvant ensures safety to crops post-application.
  • Extended Control Duration: Effective control on target weeds for 20-30 days when used as recommended.
  • Rain Fastness: Rapid absorption and translocation allow weed control even if it rains within 2-3 hours of application.

Crop Recommendations:

  • Ideal for Maize and Sugarcane: Specially formulated for effective weed management in these crops.

Perfect for Efficient Farming:

  • User-Friendly: Simplifies the application process, saving time and labor.
  • Reliable Weed Control: Provides consistent and prolonged protection against weeds.
  • Safe for Crops: Designed to be gentle on maize and sugarcane, ensuring healthy growth.

Application Tips:

  • Dosage: Apply 400-500 ml per acre for optimal weed control.
  • Best Practices: Follow label instructions for safe and effective application.

Enhance Your Crop Yield:

Incorporate Bharat Certis Kiyoshi Herbicide into your farming routine for a modern, efficient approach to weed control. Its advanced formulation is key to maintaining weed-free fields in maize and sugarcane cultivation.

Bharat Certis Kiyoshi Herbicide

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