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Golden Hills Hollyhocks Dwarf Double Mix Flower Seeds

Rs. 120.00
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Golden Hills Hollyhocks Dwarf Double Mix Flower Seeds are an exquisite choice for gardeners seeking to add a touch of classic beauty to their garden. These seeds grow into charming dwarf hollyhocks, known for their bright, double-bell type flowers and manageable size, making them perfect for both garden borders and pot arrangements.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Golden Hills
  • Variety: Hollyhocks Dwarf Double Mix

Flower Characteristics:

  • Seeds Quantity: 100 Seeds
  • Plant Height: Grows up to 70 cm (approximately 2.5 feet), making them a dwarf variety.
  • Flower Size: Large, showy blooms 10-12 cm across
  • Sowing Distance: Recommended planting 40 cm apart
  • Best for: Ideal for bed sowing or growing in pots


  • Seedling: Recommended for best growth and flowering results.
  • Flower Type: Features an excellent mix of bright, double-bell type flowers.
  • Garden Aesthetics: Perfect for adding a classic and colorful look to garden borders and pots.

Golden Hills' Hollyhocks Dwarf Double Mix seeds are perfect for those who love the traditional charm of hollyhocks but prefer plants that are more suited to smaller spaces or container gardening.

Golden Hills Hollyhocks Dwarf Double Mix Flower Seeds

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