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Green Field L-Pip (Lance) For Agricultural Sprayer

Rs. 60.00
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Product description :

  • Green Field Made of high quality Material, solid and durable for a long time use.
  • The L-Pip (Lance) design is convenient for one hand operation, comfortable to use.
  • Easy operation, obvious effect, safety and reliability and automatic control of spray.
  • You can turn off the water temporarily and control the spraying water amount by this handle switch.
  • Perfect for agriculture, forestry, or home garden manage, help you to control weed, pest.


Condition  :  100% Brand New
Material    : Plastic + Metal 
Color        : Black
Pressures  : 40psi-100psi
Size           : As the pictures shown Package
Included   : 1 L-Pip Lance
Green Field L-Pip (Lance) For Agricultural Sprayer

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