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Hifield-AG Lambrada Insecticide - Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Hifield-AG
  • Variety: Lambrada
  • Technical Name: Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC
  • Dosage: 1-1.5 ml per liter of water


  • Long-Duration Control: An artificial pyrethroid designed for extended protection against crop pests.
  • Mode of Action: Features both contact and stomach action, ensuring effective pest control.

Crop Recommendations:

  • Versatile Use: Especially effective in Cotton, Rice, Brinjal, Tomato, Mango, Okra, Groundnut, Chickpea, Red gram, Onion, and Chilli.

Ideal for Farmers and Horticulturists:

  • Extended Pest Protection: Offers long-lasting control, reducing the need for frequent applications.
  • Broad Spectrum Efficiency: Effective against a range of pests, enhancing crop safety and productivity.
  • Easy Application: Simple mixing and application process, suitable for various agricultural contexts.

Ensure Crop Health with Hifield-AG Lambrada:

Incorporating Hifield-AG Lambrada Insecticide into your agricultural practices ensures effective and long-lasting protection for a wide variety of crops. Its potent Lambdacyhalothrin formulation is essential for maintaining the health and productivity of crops, making it a reliable choice for comprehensive pest management.

Hifield-AG Lambrada Insecticide - Lambdacyhalothrin 5% EC

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