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Sagar Tapi Chilli (Mirchi) Seeds

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सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित चेकआउट की गारंटी

Product Highlights

  • Brand: Sagar
  • Variety: Tapi

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Fruit Length: 10-12 cm, a size that's ideal for various culinary applications, including whole cooking and processing.
  • Fruit Diameter: 0.9-1 cm, slender in shape, making it suitable for both fresh consumption and drying.
  • Fruit Color: Dark Green, a classic and appealing color for green chillies.


  • Pungency: High Pungent, providing a robust and intense flavor that's perfect for spicy food enthusiasts.
  • Spiciness: Medium spicy variety, striking a balance between mild and extremely hot, suitable for a wide range of cuisines.
  • Pest Resistance: Shows resistance to sucking pests, essential for maintaining healthy plant growth and minimizing crop damage.
  • Export Readiness: Excellent for export and long transportation due to its durability and quality retention over long distances.

Ideal for Growing High-Quality Chilli:

  • Versatile Culinary Use: The size and spiciness make it ideal for a variety of dishes, enhancing flavors in both traditional and modern cuisines.
  • Market Demand: The dark green color and medium spiciness are attractive for market sales and retail.
  • Robust for Export: The variety’s resistance to pests and suitability for long transportation make it a prime choice for international trade.
  • High Flavor Profile: The high pungency is desirable for cuisines requiring an intense chili flavor.

Cultivate Premium Chilli with Sagar Tapi:

Sagar Tapi Chilli Seeds are perfect for growing high-quality, medium-spicy, and dark green chillies. Their high pungency, pest resistance, and durability for transportation make them an excellent choice for commercial chilli producers, especially for export markets.

Sagar Tapi Chilli (Mirchi) Seeds

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