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Shivalik Nagasaki Fungicide - Isoprothiolane 40% EC

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Product Highlights

  • Brand: Shivalik
  • Variety: Nagasaki
  • Dosage: 2 ml/ltr of water
  • Technical Name: Isoprothiolane 40% EC


  • Curative and Long-lasting Effects: Nagasaki Fungicide ensures the control of disease spread while offering prolonged protection to crops against a variety of pathogens.
  • Broad Action: This fungicide works across different stages of the disease cycle, with a particular focus on the critical penetration stage, making it highly effective in managing diseases.
  • Targeted Disease Control: Designed to target and manage diseases in paddy, it's an essential tool for rice growers aiming to maintain healthy crops and maximize yields.

Crop Recommendations

  • Paddy: Specifically recommended for paddy, Shivalik Nagasaki offers robust protection against fungal diseases that commonly affect rice crops, ensuring a healthier growth cycle and improved crop output.

Ideal Solution for Rice Crop Protection

Shivalik Nagasaki Fungicide, with Isoprothiolane 40% EC, is a premier choice for rice farmers seeking effective disease management solutions. Its ability to provide curative and prolonged protection makes it an invaluable asset for sustaining crop health and productivity.

Shivalik Nagasaki Fungicide - Isoprothiolane 40% EC

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