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Sumitomo Zoy (Diafenthiuron 50%WP) Insecticide

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Product description:

  • Brand: Sumitomo
  • Technical name: Diafenthiuron 50% WP
  • Mode of action: Contact and stomach action
  • Type of application: Foliar
  • The chemical results in immediate paralysis of the pest after intake or contact with the product


  • Has vapor action that penetrates into thick canopies hence reaching insects in hard to reach areas.
  • Belongs to a unique chemical group allowing control of insects and mites resistant to major chemical classes.
  • Provides protection against wide range of sucking and chewing pests especially White flies and thrips

Crop recommendations:

Cotton- White flies, Aphis, Thrips, Jassids- 240 gm / 200 ltr
Cabbage- Diamond Black moth- 240 gm/ 200 ltr
Chilli- Mites- 240 gm / 200 ltr
Brinjal- White fly- 240 gm / 200 ltr
Cardamom- Thrips, Capsule borer- 320 gm / 400 ltr
Citrus- Mites- 2 gm / 1 ltr
Watermelon- Whiteflies and Red Spider Mites- 240 gm / 200 ltr
Okra- Whiteflies, Jassids and Red Spider Mites- 240 gm / 200 ltr
Tomato- Whiteflies and Red Spider Mites- 240 gm / 200 ltr

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