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Syngenta Icon 10 WP Insecticide - Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% WP

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सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित चेकआउट की गारंटी

Syngenta Icon 10 WP Insecticide, featuring Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% WP, emerges as a potent solution in the realm of insect control, particularly adept at managing mosquito populations. This product is meticulously formulated to ensure both indoor and outdoor areas are safeguarded from mosquito infestations, promising results that embody effectiveness and longevity.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Syngenta
  • Variety: Icon 10 WP
  • Dosage: 62.5 Gm/5Ltr Water
  • Technical Name: Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% WP


  • Versatile Application: Icon 10 WP is versatile in its application, suitable for both indoor and outdoor mosquito control treatments.
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% WP: The presence of Lambda-cyhalothrin enhances the product’s efficacy, driving results that are both impressive and reliable.
  • Recommended by WHO: Its formulation aligns with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), attesting to its credibility and effectiveness.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Icon 10 WP ensures lasting protection against mosquitoes, reducing the frequency of application and ensuring sustained mosquito control.


  • Effective Mosquito Control: Its specialized formulation allows for superior control over mosquito populations, reducing the risks associated with these pests such as malaria and dengue.
  • Sustained Protection: Its long-lasting effect ensures that areas treated are shielded from mosquito infestations for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent applications.
  • Safety and Credibility: Being a product recommended by WHO, Icon 10 WP carries a mark of trust and reliability, ensuring that it is safe and effective for mosquito control.
    Syngenta Icon 10 WP Insecticide - Lambda-cyhalothrin 10% WP

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