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We build bridges between Farmers and Agri-input Sellers.

Our team is always getting bigger, but we all work toward the same goal to make sales success not only possible, but also inevitable for all terms.

Kisanshop is a private limited company that was established on September 3, 2021. KisanShop is an Agritech enterprise providing an online marketplace to connect farmers and Agri input sellers, where farmers can buy branded, high-quality, and original products through KisanShop. We are a company that delivers the highest quality input and guidance to farmers for their growth. Our services are available in over 26,000 locations. Through our services, we are helping farmers to have better profitability.


Our objective is to enable the best farming methods to be implemented in order to promote healthier communities through the use of novel food cultivation practices while remaining true to our heritage. Through the use of outreach models, we hope to become an end-to-end, sustainable integrator, bringing together cutting-edge technology and worldwide best practices at a reasonable price.


Our Vision to is to improve livelihood of farming community with the improve agricultural systems. create multi-stakeholder collaboration in order to achieve sustainable and equitable growth and expansion.
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