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Adama Blasil Fungicide - Prochloraz 23.5% w/w + Tricyclazole 20% w/w SE

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Adama Blasil Fungicide emerges as a "SUPER BLASTICIDE" meticulously designed to wield superior control over leaf blast in rice, ushering an era of tranquility and assurance for farmers. A potent amalgamation of two formidable active ingredients, Prochloraz and Tricyclazole, fortifies Blasil, enabling it to offer an enhanced protective shield against Blast, ensuring the endurance of its protective efficacy over an extended duration.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Adama
  • Variety: Blasil
  • Technical Name: Prochloraz 23.5% w/w + Tricyclazole 20% w/w SE
  • Dosage: 400 ml/acre


  • Superior Blasticide: Blasil epitomizes exceptional performance in combating leaf blast in rice, earmarking it as a super blasticide.
  • Dual Active Ingredients: Harnessing the combined prowess of Prochloraz and Tricyclazole, Blasil emerges fortified to deliver enhanced and lasting disease control.
  • Extended Duration of Control: Crafted for endurance, Blasil's protective embrace extends over a longer duration, ensuring sustained defense against disease.


  • Enhanced Peace of Mind: Blasil offers farmers enhanced peace of mind by providing reliable and superior control over leaf blast, safeguarding rice crops effectively.
  • Robust Disease Control: The fusion of two powerful active ingredients ensures that Blasil delivers a robust defense against blast, promoting the healthy growth of rice crops.
  • Sustained Protection: With its extended duration of efficacy, Blasil ensures that rice crops remain shielded against leaf blast for a more extended period, promoting their thriving growth.

    Crop recommendation:

    • Paddy.
    Adama Blasil Fungicide - Prochloraz 23.5% w/w + Tricyclazole 20% w/w SE

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