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Bayer Decis Insecticide

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Product description:

  • Brand: Bayer
  • Technical name: Deltamethrin 2.8% EC
  • Mobility in plant: Contact
  • Mode of action: Nerve action


  • Can kill the insect by both contact and stomach ingestion
  • Broad spectrum control of both sucking and chewing insects
  • Great knockdown effect
  • Longer effect due to good residual activity
  • Most effective synthetic pyrethroid

Crop recommendations:

Cotton- Bollworm- 200 ml/160-240 ltr
Cotton- Sucking pest- 160 ml/160 ltr
Tea- Thrips, Caterpillar- 48-60 ml/160-240 ltr
Tea- Leaf folder- 160 ml/160 ltr
Tea- Looper- 40-60 ml/160-240 ltr
Bhendi- Shoot and fruit borer- 160-240 ml/160-240 ltr
Bhendi- Jassids- 160 ml/160 ltr
Groundnut- Leaf miner- 200 ml/160-240 ltr
Mango- Hoppers- 4.95-7.5/15 ltr
Chilli- Fruit borer- 160-200 ml/160-240 ltr
Brinjal- Fruit and shoot borer- 160-200 ml/160-240 ltr
Red gram- Pod borer, Pod fly- 200 ml/200 ltr

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