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Bayer Evergol Xtend Fungicide Seed Treatment

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Product Name: EverGol® Xtend

Active Ingredients: Penflufen 13.28% w/w + Trifloxystrobin 13.28% w/w FS

Manufacturer: Bayer


EverGol Xtend is a premier seed treatment solution meticulously crafted to defend costly seeds from the detrimental impacts of seed and seedling rot diseases. Boasting a remarkable blend of two highly potent active ingredients - Penflufen and Trifloxystrobin, EverGol Xtend stands as a guardian, invigorating seeds with essential energy, promoting active root growth, and ensuring optimal plant emergence and survival. Treated plants revel in enhanced vitality, ensuring an uptick in plant population and eventual yield.

Mode of Action:

Penflufen: A cutting-edge pyrazole fungicide embodying the Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI) mode of action. It precisely targets succinate dehydrogenase in the mitochondria of the fungus, disrupting the respiratory chain.

Trifloxystrobin: A robust Qo inhibitor fungicide (QoI) that hinders respiration within plant pathogenic fungi, curtailing their growth and spread.

Key Advantages:

  • Imparts vigor and energy, enabling seeds to flourish at their maximum potential.
  • Augments fast emergence from the soil and fosters better plant establishment.
  • Leads to superior yields, amplifying success for farmers.

Target Crops and Pests:

  • Suitable for Soybean and Groundnut.
  • Primarily targets Seed and Seedling rot diseases.

Before Application:

  • Ensure thorough reading of the label and leaflet to comprehend dose rates and treatment procedures.
  • Arm yourself with adequate personal protective equipment.
  • Regularly inspect and calibrate seed treatment equipment for precision and safe application.

After Application:

  • Allow treated seeds ample time to dry prior to bagging.
  • Ensure proper labelling of treated seeds, clearly indicating the dose and date of treatment.
  • Exercise utmost caution during transportation to prevent spillage of treated seeds.
  • Ensure dedicated cleaning of Plant Protection Equipment, keeping it distinct from other items.
Bayer Evergol Xtend Fungicide Seed Treatment

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