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Bayer Fenos Quick Insecticide

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Product Details:

  • Brand: Bayer
  • Technical Name: Flubendiamide 8.33 + Deltamethrin 5.56 SC
  • Mobility in Plant: Systemic
  • Mode of Action: Targets nerve and muscle action of pests
  • Dosage: 125 ml/acre

Powerful and Safe Pest Control:

Fenos Quick by Bayer is designed to tackle tough pests, ensuring the health and productivity of your crops:

  • Rapid Knockdown Effect: Quickly reduces insect populations, safeguarding your crops from damage.
  • Modern Pest Management Solution: Combines affordability with effective pest control, ideal for today's farming needs.
  • Ease of Application: Designed for safe and straightforward use, reducing the stress of pest management.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Its prolonged efficacy means fewer applications and more time focusing on other farming activities.

Effective on Key Pests:

Specifically tailored for crucial crops, Fenos Quick addresses major pest concerns:

  • Cucumber: Combat beetles and fruitflies that can drastically affect cucumber quality and yield.
  • Chick Pea: Keep pod borers at bay, a common threat to chick pea crops.

Designed for Your Farming Success:

Fenos Quick is more than just an insecticide; it's a tool for maintaining the health and prosperity of your crops:

  • Comprehensive Pest Control: Protects your crops from a variety of pests, reducing the risk of damage and loss.
  • Suitable for Various Crops: Whether you’re growing cucumbers or chickpeas, get tailored protection against common pests.

Application Tips for Best Results:

  • Dosage: Apply 125 ml per acre for maximum effectiveness.
  • Even Coverage: Ensure thorough coverage to protect your entire crop.
  • Timely Application: Use at the first sign of pest infestation for the best results.

Protect Your Crops with Confidence:

Choose Bayer Fenos Quick for a stress-free approach to pest management. It’s not just about protecting plants; it’s about ensuring a thriving, productive farm.

Bayer Fenos Quick Insecticide

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