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FMC Corprima Insecticide - Chlorantraniliprole 35% w/w WDG

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Product Overview

  • Brand: FMC
  • Product Name: Corprima
  • Technical Name: Chlorantraniliprole 35% w/w WDG
  • Dosage: 2-5 gm per liter of water

Key Features:

  • Innovative Solution: Corprima represents a novel technology introduced by FMC, tailored specifically for the needs of vegetable growers in India. Its advanced formulation provides a cutting-edge solution to common pest challenges.
  • Fruit Borer Control: Offering assured control over Fruit Borers, Corprima is a critical tool for farmers looking to protect their crops from one of the most damaging pests, ensuring the safety and quality of the harvest.
  • Enhanced Retention: By safeguarding vegetables from insect damage, Corprima significantly enhances flower and fruit retention. This not only improves yield but also ensures the visual and nutritional quality of the produce.
  • Boosted Plant Health: Beyond pest control, Corprima contributes to overall plant health, supporting stronger growth and resilience, which translates to better performance in the field and higher crop quality.

Recommended Crops:

Corprima Insecticide is highly recommended for:

  • Tomato: Protects this staple vegetable crop from the detrimental effects of Fruit Borers, securing yield and quality.
  • Okra: Ensures Okra plants are safeguarded against pests, enhancing both flower retention and fruit quality, crucial for market and nutritional value.

This targeted approach makes Corprima a must-have for tomato and okra growers, offering them a specialized solution to combat pest issues effectively.

FMC Corprima Insecticide - Chlorantraniliprole 35% w/w WDG

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