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FMC Furagro Gr Bio-Stimulants

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Product Overview

  • Brand: FMC
  • Product Name: Furagro Gr
  • Dosage: 2 kg/acre
  • Technical Name: 12% Humic Acid + 1% Amino Acid

Key Benefits:

  • Root Growth and Strength: Furagro Gr is specifically designed to support root development and enhance root strength, laying the foundation for healthier plants.
  • Improved Soil Microbial Activity: By fostering better microbial activity, Furagro Gr ensures more efficient nutrient uptake from the soil, directly benefiting plant health and growth.
  • Soil Quality Enhancement: The unique formula of Furagro Gr bio-stimulants boosts the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil. This improvement includes an enhanced water-holding capacity, ensuring plants have access to water when they need it most.
  • Optimized Crop Performance: With its comprehensive approach to improving soil health and plant vitality, Furagro Gr bio-stimulants lead to healthier crops and potentially higher yields.

Recommended Crops:

Furagro Gr is versatile and effective across a range of key agricultural crops, including:

  • Staples: Rice and Wheat, ensuring these essential crops have the robust foundation they need for optimal growth.
  • Fruits: Apple, where improved root strength and soil health directly contribute to the quality and yield of the fruit.
  • Legumes and Oilseeds: Soybean and Groundnut, benefiting from enhanced nutrient uptake and soil properties for better overall production.

This broad-spectrum effectiveness makes Furagro Gr an ideal solution for farmers looking to enhance the health and yield of their crops through improved soil conditions and plant vitality.

FMC Furagro Gr Bio-Stimulants

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