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Agrovet Gracia Fluxametamide 10% EC Insecticide

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Fluxametamide 10% EC is a powerful insecticide that offers comprehensive protection against sucking pests in a variety of crops. With its dual mode of action and effective Gracia component, this product ensures your plants remain healthy and pest-free. Choose Fluxametamide 10% EC for superior pest control and enjoy a bountiful, high-quality harvest.

Key Points:

  • Technical name: Fluxametamide 10% EC
  • Dosage: 1 ml/litre of water
  • Mode of action: Nerve and respiratory action
  • Method of application: Spray
  • Features: Comprehensive control of sucking pests, dual mode of action
  • Gracia Uses: Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) - gated chloride channels antagonist, translaminar insecticide effective through ingestion and contact

Gracia, a key component of Fluxametamide 10% EC, is a gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) - gated chloride channels antagonist. This translaminar insecticide is effective through both ingestion and contact, providing enhanced protection for your plants.

Crop Recommendations:

  • Brinjal: Effective against leaf hoppers, thrips, and fruit and shoot borers
  • Cabbage: Protects against diamondback moths, tobacco caterpillars, and semi-loopers
  • Chilli: Guards against thrips, fruit borers, and tobacco caterpillars
  • Okra: Safeguards against leaf hoppers, thrips, and fruit borers
  • Redgram: Defends against spotted pod borers and pod borers
  • Tomato: Shields against thrips and fruit borers
Agrovet Gracia Fluxametamide 10% EC Insecticide

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