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Indo-Us Rajshakti Tomato Seeds

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Product Highlights

  • Brand: Indo-Us
  • Variety: Rajshakti

Fruit Characteristics

  • Fruit Weight: 90-100 gm, a versatile size ideal for fresh market sales and culinary uses.
  • Fruit Shape: Oval Round, offering an appealing appearance for consumers and ease of use in cooking.
  • Plant Habit: Tall Determinate, making it suitable for structured growing environments and easier management in the field.
  • Firmness: Medium, striking a balance between a juicy bite and the ability to withstand handling and transport.
  • Spacing: Recommended at 0.5 X 1.0 M, ensuring optimal air circulation and sunlight penetration for healthy growth.
  • Fruit Color: Deep Red With Green Shoulder, a characteristic color profile that indicates ripeness and flavor.
  • First Harvest: Expected within 60-70 days after transplanting, aligning with a standard tomato growing cycle.


  • Adaptability: Exhibits wide adaptability to various climates, enhancing its suitability for diverse growing regions.
  • Foliage Cover: Offers good foliage cover, which helps protect the fruit during periods of high temperature, ensuring quality yield.
  • Shipping Quality: Noted for its good shipping quality, making it an excellent choice for commercial distribution.
  • Disease Resistance: Shows resistance to Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (ToLCV), a significant advantage for maintaining crop health and productivity.

Ideal for Robust Tomato Cultivation

Indo-Us Rajshakti Tomato Seeds are crafted for growers seeking to cultivate tomatoes with exceptional color, taste, and shipping quality. With its resistance to critical diseases and adaptability to various climates, Rajshakti stands out as a robust variety for both commercial farmers and hobby gardeners aiming for a high-quality harvest.

Indo-Us Rajshakti Tomato Seeds

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