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Indo-Us Rupali Green Capsicum Seeds

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Product Highlights

  • Brand: Indo-Us
  • Variety: Rupali Green

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Fruit Size: 10 cm x 10 cm, indicating a uniform and substantial size for capsicums.
  • Fruit Weight: 120-150 gm, ideal for both culinary and commercial purposes.
  • Fruit Color: Attractive glossy dark green in the immature stage, turning to red upon maturity.

First Harvest:

  • Timeframe: 62-68 days after transplanting, allowing for a relatively quick harvest cycle.


  • Yield: Excellent yielder, making it a highly productive variety for growers.
  • Adaptability: Good adaptability to various climates and growing conditions.
  • Fruit Uniformity: Produces uniform fruits, enhancing its appeal for market sale.
  • Plant Habit: Medium tall with vigorous growth, good branching, and ample foliage cover, ensuring a healthy plant structure.

Ideal for High-Quality Capsicum Cultivation:

  • Versatile Fruit Color: Transition from dark green to red adds versatility for different culinary uses.
  • High Yield Potential: Ideal for farmers and gardeners looking for productive capsicum varieties.
  • Suitable for Various Climates: Adaptable to a range of growing conditions, making it a reliable choice for diverse environments.
  • Attractive Plant Profile: The plant's vigor and foliage make it aesthetically pleasing in gardens and farms.

Cultivate Robust Capsicum with Indo-Us Rupali Green:

Indo-Us Rupali Green Capsicum Seeds are perfect for growing high-quality, attractive capsicums. Their adaptability, uniform fruit production, and excellent yield make them a top choice for both commercial cultivation and home gardening.

Indo-Us Rupali Green Capsicum Seeds

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