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Indosem Adiva Cucumber Seeds

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Indosem
  • Variety: Adiva

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Color: Attractive Green - Adiva cucumbers boast a vibrant green color that makes them stand out on the vine and in the market.
  • Length: 15-20 cm - Perfectly sized for fresh consumption, pickling, or culinary use.
  • Shape: Cylindrical - The ideal shape for uniform slicing and dicing, enhancing the visual appeal of your dishes.
  • First Harvest: Anticipate your first harvest within 40-50 days after transplanting, offering an expedited return on your gardening investment.


Indosem Adiva is a vigorous hybrid characterized by its dark green leaves and robust growth. This early and high-yielding hybrid produces attractive, dark green, cylindrical fruits that are sure to impress. Whether you're looking to stock your kitchen or the market shelf, Adiva delivers both quality and quantity.

Why Choose Indosem Adiva?

Opting for Indosem Adiva Cucumber Seeds means investing in a crop that combines aesthetic appeal with outstanding productivity. The variety's rapid growth cycle and impressive yield make it an excellent choice for those aiming to maximize their harvest in a short period. Furthermore, Adiva's resistance to common cucumber pests and diseases ensures a healthy crop, ready for consumption or sale.

Cultivate with Confidence Using Indosem Adiva Cucumber Seeds

With Indosem Adiva Cucumber Seeds, you're not just planting a vegetable; you're cultivating an experience. From the satisfaction of watching your cucumbers grow to the joy of tasting your harvest, Adiva brings the best of gardening to your fingertips. Embrace the quality and vigor of Adiva for your next planting season and enjoy the lush bounty of your labor.

Indosem Adiva Cucumber Seeds

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