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Iris Tomato Seeds

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Iris
  • Variety: Tomato

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Fruit Weight: 110-150 gm
  • Fruit Shape: Oval
  • Fruit Size: 6-7 cm
  • Fruit Colour: Attractive Red
  • Plant Type: Semi Determinate
  • First Harvest: 60-65 days after transplanting

Features of Iris Tomato Seeds:

  • Optimal Fruit Characteristics: Produces tomatoes that are oval in shape, weighing between 110-150 gm each, and measuring 6-7 cm in size.
  • Vibrant Color: The fruits have an attractive red color, making them visually appealing for both market sale and culinary use.
  • Rapid Maturation: Ready for the first harvest within 60-65 days after transplanting, ensuring a quick crop turnover.
  • Disease Tolerance: Shows tolerance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) and bacterial wilt, contributing to a healthier and more robust crop.

Ideal for Versatile Tomato Cultivation:

  • Plant Growth: Semi determinate plants offer a balance between bush and vine types, suitable for a variety of growing conditions.
  • Adaptability: Well-suited for a range of climatic conditions, ensuring successful cultivation in different regions.

Grow Quality Tomatoes with Iris Seeds:

Iris Tomato Seeds are perfect for gardeners and farmers looking to cultivate high-quality, attractive, and disease-resistant tomatoes. The combination of their vibrant color, optimal size, and disease tolerance makes these seeds a preferred choice for successful tomato farming.

Iris Tomato Seeds

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