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Krishi Rasayan Kripon PGR

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Product description:

  • Brand: Krishi Rasayan
  • Composition: Ethephon 39% SL
  • Dose: 1 ml/L water


  • Improves coloration and accelerates ripening in fruits like mango, tomato, pineapple
  • Also has specific uses like defoliation in Pomegranate and breaking alternate bearing in Mango

Crop recommendations:

Mango- For breaking alternate bearing tendencies
Mango- For flower induction in juvenile Mango
Mango- Post harvest treatment
Pineapple- For flower induction
Coffee(Arabica/Robusta)- For uniform ripening of berries
Tomato- Post harvest treatment
Rubber- Yielding rubber latex
Pomegranate- Defoliation for better flowering

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