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Mahyco Warad Gold Bottle Gourd Seeds

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Enhance your vegetable garden with Mahyco Warad Gold Bottle Gourd Seeds. Renowned for producing high-quality bottle gourds, this variety is perfect for gardeners aiming for both quantity and quality in their harvest.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Mahyco
  • Variety: Warad Gold

Mahyco is dedicated to bringing innovative seed technology to the market, ensuring gardeners and farmers have access to top-performing varieties.

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Fruit Shape: Cylindrical - Ideal for a range of culinary uses.
  • Fruit Color: Shiny Green - Adds a vibrant aesthetic to your garden and dishes.
  • Fruit Weight: 600-750 gm - Ensures a substantial yield from each plant.
  • First Harvest: Achieve a fast harvest within just 60-65 days after planting, allowing for efficient crop rotation.

Key Advantages:

  • Yield Potential: Recognized as a high-yielding variety, maximizing your garden's productivity.
  • Export Quality: The quality and appeal of Warad Gold make it best suited for export markets, highlighting its commercial viability.

Incorporate Mahyco Warad Gold Bottle Gourd Seeds into your planting strategy for a bountiful harvest of shiny green bottle gourds that promise not only great taste but also impressive yields. Trust in Mahyco for seeds that elevate the standards of your garden and agricultural practices.

Mahyco Warad Gold Bottle Gourd Seeds

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