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Samarth Banana Micronutrient

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Samarth
  • Variety: Banana
  • Dosage: 5 ltr/acre
  • Technical Name: Micronutrients Mixture Zn-3% Fe-1.5% B-0.5%

Samarth Banana Micronutrient is a specialized formulation that delivers essential micronutrients directly to your banana crops, ensuring they receive the comprehensive care needed for optimal development.


  • Enhanced Photosynthesis: Keeps plants lush and green by improving photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Growth Promotion: Contains plant growth promoters alongside vital micronutrients to encourage strong development.
  • Deficiency Correction: Supplies essential micronutrients to plants, effectively overcoming soil deficiencies.
  • Disease Resistance: Strengthens crops against diseases, promoting healthier growth and reducing the need for chemical interventions.
  • Yield Improvement: By providing the necessary nutrients, it ensures a significant increase in yield quality and quantity.

Crop Recommendations:

  • Specialized for Banana: While formulated for banana crops, this micronutrient mix can benefit plants by fulfilling their specific nutritional requirements, leading to healthier growth and increased productivity.

Why Choose Samarth Banana Micronutrient?

Opting for Samarth Banana Micronutrient is a choice for advanced crop care and enhanced productivity. Its precise formulation not only addresses the unique nutritional needs of banana plants but also promotes healthier, more resilient growth. Suitable for professional banana growers and home gardeners alike, it ensures your crops reach their full potential.

Maximize Your Banana Crop's Potential with Samarth Banana Micronutrient

Incorporate Samarth Banana Micronutrient into your agricultural regimen for a tangible difference in plant health and yield. This expertly blended solution is your key to unlocking the highest productivity from your banana crops, ensuring they grow stronger and produce more abundantly. Trust Samarth Banana Micronutrient for a healthier crop cycle and superior harvest results.

Samarth Banana Micronutrient

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