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Syngenta BGH-106 Bitter Gourd Seeds

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Syngenta
  • Variety: BGH-106

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Fruit Color: Green
  • Fruit Weight: 60-80 gm
  • Fruit Length: 13-16 cm
  • First Harvest: 50-55 days after transplanting

Grow High-Quality Bitter Gourd with Syngenta BGH-106 Seeds:

Syngenta BGH-106 Bitter Gourd Seeds are tailored for a productive garden:

  • Rich Green Color: Yields dark green, shiny, and attractive bitter gourds.
  • Optimal Size: Each fruit weighs between 60-80 gm and measures 13-16 cm in length.
  • Early Harvest: Ready for picking in just 50-55 days.

Robust and Resilient:

  • Disease Tolerance: Shows resistance to Downy Mildew (DM) and Powdery Mildew (PM).
  • Appealing Appearance: Cylindrical mid-long fruits adorned with dense prickles, making them stand out.
  • High Yield Potential: Designed to produce a substantial number of fruits per plant.

Cultivation Insights:

  • Soil Preferences: Thrives in fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Care and Maintenance: Regular watering and fertilization enhance growth and yield.
  • Pest and Disease Control: Vigilant care can prevent common bitter gourd diseases.

Enjoy Nutritious and Flavorful Bitter Gourds:

Syngenta BGH-106 Bitter Gourd Seeds are an excellent choice for growing high-quality bitter gourds. Ideal for gardeners and farmers, these seeds ensure not just an abundant harvest but also a crop that is both nutritious and visually appealing.

Syngenta BGH-106 Bitter Gourd Seeds

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