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UPL Electron Insecticide + Fungicide

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Discover the power of UPL Electron Insecticide + Fungicide for outstanding agriculture. It's a mix of special ingredients that protects seeds and helps crops thrive, ensuring every grain grows lively and strong

Product Highlights

  • Brand: UPL
  • Variety: Electron
  • Technical Name: Azoxystrobin 2.5% + Thiophanate Methyl 11.25% + Thiamethoxam 25% FS
  • Dosage: 100 ml/10 kg seeds


  • Multifaceted Guardian: Electron vibrates with a multifaceted rhythm, offering protection against the ominous shadows of seed and soil-borne diseases while guarding the realms against the early onslaught of sucking pests.
  • Harbor of Growth: Electron emerges as the guardian of excellence, fostering an environment where the seeds find the embrace of extraordinary care, ensuring a prosperous and harmonious establishment of crops.
  • Seed’s Custodian: In the hands of Electron, seeds find a custodian that ensures their journey from the embrace of soil to the brilliance of growth is paved with protection, nurturing, and vitality.

Recommended Crop

Soybean Symphony: Electron orchestrates a symphony of protection, care, and extraordinary growth specifically tuned to the rhythms of the soybean, ensuring that each plant flourishes with vigour and vitality.

How to Use

Dosage and Application: Honor your fields with 100 ml of Electron per 10 kg of seeds, allowing the symphony of its protective and nurturing essence to flow through each seed, fostering a journey of extraordinary growth and prosperity.

UPL Electron Insecticide + Fungicide

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