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UPL Saaf Fungicide

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UPL Saaf Fungicide is a comprehensive solution designed for effective disease management in various crops. Its formulation combines Carbendazim and Mancozeb, offering both contact and systemic action against a wide range of fungal diseases.

Product Description:

  • Technical Name: Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP
  • Mobility in Plant: Contact and Systemic action
  • Dose: 300-400 gm per acre
  • Type of Application: Seed treatment, foliar spray, soil drench

Special Features:

  • Broad-Spectrum Fungicide: Effective against a wide range of fungal diseases due to its contact and systemic activity.
  • Contains Trace Elements: Includes small quantities of Zinc and Manganese, aiding in maintaining healthy, green leaves.
  • Boosts Plant Health: Increases plant health, vigor, and flowering, especially beneficial when applied during the flowering stage.
  • Low Resistance Risk: The multi-site mode of action reduces the risk of resistance development in pathogens.
  • Time of Application: Ideally applied before the onset of disease or at the initial appearance of disease symptoms.

Crop Recommendations and Doses:

  • Groundnut: Leaf spot - 200 gm/200 liters; 72-hour waiting period.
  • Paddy: Blast - 300 gm/300 liters; 57-hour waiting period.
  • Tea: Blister blight, grey blight, red rust, die-back, black rot - 500 gm/100-200 liters; 7-day waiting period.
  • Grape: Downey mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose - 1.5 gm/liter; 7-day waiting period.
  • Mango: Powdery mildew, anthracnose - 1.5 gm/liter; 7-day waiting period.
  • Chilli: Leaf Spot, Fruit rot, Powdery mildew - 300 gm/200 liters; 3-day waiting period.
  • Maize: Downy mildew, Leaf blight - 400 gm/200 liters; 37-hour waiting period.
  • Apple: Fruit scab & Powdery mildew - 2.5 gm/liter; 20-day waiting period.
  • Groundnut: Tikka leaf spot, Collar rot, dry root rot - 1 kg/acre for seed treatment.
  • Potato: Early blight, late blight, black scruff - 700 gm/200 liters; 47-hour waiting period.

UPL Saaf Fungicide stands as a versatile and effective solution for managing a wide array of fungal diseases in various crops, contributing significantly to the health and yield of the crops.

UPL Saaf Fungicide

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