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Samarth Promicrobes Azospira Biofertilizer

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Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Samarth
  • Variety: Promicrobes Azospira
  • Dosage: 1 liter/acre
  • Technical Name: Nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azospirillum Brasiliense)


  • Enhanced Crop Resilience: Significantly reduces fruit cracking and dropping, improving yield quality and quantity.
  • Boosts Soil Life: Increases the population of beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, enriching the soil ecosystem.
  • Stress Protection: Maintains soil temperature and offers protection against both biotic (living threats) and abiotic (environmental stresses) threats, enhancing plant stress resilience.
  • Immune System Support: Strengthens the plant's immune system, making it more robust against diseases and pests.
  • Growth Stimulation: Promotes cell division, aiding in the development of roots and shoots for healthier, more vigorous plant growth.
  • Soil Health Maintenance: Balances soil pH and conditions the soil, creating an optimal growing environment for crops.

Crop Recommendations:

  • Universal Application: Formulated for use with all types of crops, Promicrobes Azospira is a versatile solution that supports healthy growth and development, enhancing overall agricultural productivity.

Empower Your Crops with Samarth Promicrobes Azospira

Samarth Promicrobes Azospira Biofertilizer is a groundbreaking solution in sustainable agriculture, offering a potent blend of nitrogen-fixing bacteria to improve soil fertility and plant vitality. By facilitating natural nitrogen fixation, this biofertilizer plays a crucial role in nutrient cycling, enabling plants to access the essential nitrogen they need for growth. Ideal for farmers aiming for eco-friendly practices and improved crop yields, Promicrobes Azospira ensures your farming efforts are both productive and sustainable. Opt for Samarth Promicrobes Azospira and witness a remarkable transformation in your crop health and soil vitality.

Samarth Promicrobes Azospira Biofertilizer

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