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Adama Sigalit Insecticide - Pymetrozine 50% WG

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सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित चेकआउट की गारंटी

Use Adama Sigalit Insecticide for strong and careful pest control in rice fields. Made with a special formula, it protects your crops from harmful sucking pests, making sure your rice plants stay healthy and grow well.

Product Details

  • Brand: Adama
  • Variety: Shoresh
  • Technical Name: Prochloraz 5.7% w/w + Tebuconazole 1.4% w/w ES
  • Dosage: 150 ml/acre


  • Stops pests from sucking: Sigalit is good at stopping pests from sucking on plants, making them weak and lowering their numbers.
  • Stays on plants longer: Even when it rains, Sigalit sticks to the plants, continuing to protect them.
  • Safe for helpful insects: Sigalit is designed to be safe for insects that are good for the rice plants.


  • Protects crops well: Sigalit gives strong protection to crops, keeping them healthy.
  • Kind to the environment: Sigalit works in a way that is careful of the nature and helpful insects around the rice plants.

Recommended for Rice

Best for rice plants: Sigalit works really well in rice fields, keeping the plants healthy and growing well.

How to Use

Use 120 ml of Sigalit per acre. Make sure to follow this to protect your rice plants best.

Adama Sigalit Insecticide - Pymetrozine 50% WG

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