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Indofil Sprint Fungicide

Rs. 140.00
इकाई कीमत  प्रति 

Description: Sprint is a mixture of fungicides belonging to Ethelene bis-dithiocarbamate and benzimidazole chemistry for the control of seed and early soil-borne diseases of crops caused by Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Imperfect fungi and Oomycetes group of fungi. Phytotoxic activity has been reported with Sprint.

Technical Name: Mancozeb 50% + Carbendazim 25% WS

Dosage: 2 gm per litre of water

Crops: It can be used all types of crops

Mode Of Action:

  • Mixture partner Mancozeb is a contact action and preventive fungicide with multisite mode of action. It remains on the seed surface in treated seeds. It is fungitoxic when exposed to air, converted into isothiocynate, which inactivates the sulphahydral group of enzymes in fungi, causing disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning
  • Other mixture partner Carbendazim is systemic in action acts as preventive and curative. It acts by disrupting the spindle formation during cell division in fungi.
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