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FMC Legend Bio-Stimulants

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Product Overview

  • Brand: FMC
  • Product Name: Legend
  • Dosage: 40 gm/acre
  • Active Ingredients: 20% Organic Potash + 1.5% Sulphur

Key Features:

  • Optimized Nutrient Delivery: Legend bio-stimulants ensure that potash is available in a bioavailable form, crucial for the optimal flowering and fruiting of crops. This efficient nutrient delivery system supports the plant's natural growth processes, leading to healthier and more productive crops.
  • Hormonal Activity Enhancement: By enhancing hormonal activity within plants, Legend bio-stimulants contribute to significant improvements in the physical attributes of fruits, including shape, size, shine, and color, making your produce more appealing and marketable.
  • Abiotic Stress Resistance: Legend's advanced formulation helps plants withstand various abiotic stresses, ensuring that environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, water scarcity, and soil conditions have a minimized impact on crop health and yield.
  • High-Impact Formulation: With its low dose yet high impact approach, Legend bio-stimulants offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for crop management, reducing the need for large quantities of product without compromising on results.

Recommended Crops:

Legend bio-stimulants are particularly effective for a range of key agricultural crops, including:

  • Vegetables: Chilli, Tomato, Potato, Brinjal
  • Oilseeds: Groundnut

This versatility makes Legend an ideal choice for farmers looking to maximize the quality and yield of these crops, with noticeable improvements in produce quality and resilience against environmental stresses.

FMC Legend Bio-Stimulants

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